Let’s Make This Easy

I am so so very excited to share this with you guys! These days it seems like we are constantly connected and I genuinely believe that deep down we all want to be more present, especially with our kids. Now, between work and dinner and taking care of yourself and all the things we HAVE to do, sometimes it’s hard to muster the energy to disconnect and simply PLAY.

Let’s be honest, when we look back on the memories we have growing up what do we remember. For me, it’s climbing trees in my backyard with my brother, my dad giving me a pocket knife when I was six and carving into wood scrapess while he built our house, planting a flower garden with my mom. It’s when we connect. And that leads me to what I’m DYING to share with you.

House of Loo is releasing a newsletter that includes two activities for you to do with your kids, a list of books, and a little extra snippet each week for the entire month of April! I have a newsletter that is going out TODAY, sharing a fun and simple art project & and a super cute sensory bin for you and your little to play with this coming week.

When I first started staying home with London, there were always things that I wanted to do with her but we either didn’t have all the supplies or ran out of time and before you know it, it’s Monday again. In the Fall I started planning out a rhythm for our weeks (read all about our Spring Rhythm here) and mapping out activities for us to do in advance, picked up any supplies I needed over the weekend and I was ready for the week.

The idea here is that all my friends who are subscribed to my mailing list will get the HOL Newsletter on Friday allowing you to do the same thing. You can grab the shopping list and run to the store and have two different opportunities to disconnect and hang out with your kid.

My favorite part… London and I will be doing the activities with you! The activities that I’m sharing on the newsletter will be new to London too. My hope is that this will create a fun community for us to share and provide feedback. Take pics of you guys playing and tag #houseofloo so we can see everyone’s own take on the activities featured in the newsletter. It’s going to be so fun to engage with all of you!

Now, before you go making excuses on how this won’t work for you let me tell you a few things.

  • The activities and shopping list are geared toward one stop shopping. Convenience is key! I typically run to Target or the Dollar Tree and can find everything I need for the activities.
  • The items you are purchasing are affordable and I promise you will use them again and again. I’m a minimalist at heart and we are working to eliminate 100% of our debt, so this house is on a budget! BONUS, Most of the items you probably already have in your house.
  • They are simple! If I don’t have time to prep and set up an activity for more than 5 minutes, I know you don’t either. When I’m dreaming up projects for the week I want two things, engaging and easy.

Now what are you waiting for!? Go subscribe to my mailing list so you can check it out for yourself!!

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