Natural Dyed Easter Egg

Well, this was interesting. I cruised around looking at other blog posts and pinterest trying to find the simplest and most effective method to share with all of you and WHOA! They are all so different but the final results all look so similar. I did not have such luck.

I started this little journey on Saturday Night and it was a disaster! While I was simmering the solutions all the water kept dissolving so I had to continue to add more water and it was a mess! In the end, the natural dye solutions didn’t turn out to be much and I decided to toss them and start fresh.

My attempt Sunday had much better results and I am excited to share with you! This DIY uses a base solution and then you add your coloring agents in later.

Here’s what you need

  • 4 c of Water
  • 2 tbsp of Vinegar
  • 1 tsp of Salt

Bring the base to a boil before adding your coloring agents. Once you add the coloring agents you’ll reduce to a cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid into a bowl and discard your veggie/fruit/spice. Let it cool.

I used the below for coloring agents…

  • 1 Medium Beet- Pink
  • 3 Yellow Onion Peel- Orange
  • 1 Small Red Cabbage- Blue
  • 2 c. of Parsley- Green
Soaked for 5 Minutes
Soaked for One Hour
Soaked for Three Hours

Aren’t the results gorgeous! The cabbage created such a beautiful blue. I LOVE the orange from the yellow onion skin. And while the beets created more of a mauve than true pink, it is beautiful and is a pretty addition the other two. Unfortunately, the parsley did not turn out, but maybe I’ll try again with Spinach to get a nice green.

Here’s What I Learned…

  • The vinegar and salt help the color stick to the eggs and make the color more vibrant
  • Some of your water will dissolve while you are cooking the dye. Do not use less than 4 c. of water
  • Give yourself plenty of time when making the dye. Between prepping the ingredients, boiling and allowing the dyes to cool it is a bit time consuming.
  • As a general rule use 2 c. of veggie/fruit and 2 tbsp of spices as coloring agents.

If you are looking to experiment with a few other colors here are some suggestions…

  • Spinach- Green
  • Turmeric- Yellow
  • Blueberry- Blue
  • Saffron- Orange
  • Paprika- Rust Orange/Red

This was overall a fun experiment. I’m glad that I ended up trying the dyes for a second time during the day. While this experiment isn’t very hands on for young kids, London enjoyed checking on the eggs and seeing the progress.

My older kids had some fun with this, as well. They were really surprised with how the eggs in the cabbage and onion skins turned out. Have your kids guess in advance what color they think the dyes are. This could be a great science activity for school aged kids and would like to revisit it when London is a bit older. You could even experiment with how the end results change by removing the salt and vinegar from the base. There are lots of different options.

I would love to see your variations for decorating your eggs? Do you have a favorite egg dying tradition?

Happy coloring,


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