Out to Eat with a Toddler

During the month of April our parent toddler class has been talking about screen time and media. One of the items that keeps getting brought up is how you see an increasing number of kids in restaurants on some type of device. As strange as it sounds, this was one of the very first subjects Marshall and I discussed when we started trying to have a baby.

Now, I’m all about doing what you’ve got to do. Marshall and I started taking London out to eat at an early age. We wanted to her to be comfortable in a restaurant, same with flying on an airplane or road trips. These things are important to our family so we didn’t want a baby to make us anxious or slow us down (too much). That being said, I wanted to give you a peak into what we do to keep London happy & content when we go out for dinner.

The Basics…

  • Make Up Organizer or Diaper Wristlet (I tagged the Skip Hop one from Target, the top portion of the changing pad wristlet is GREAT to grab and go. You could use anything that’s small to medium sized easy to grab and throw in your diaper bag/purse)
  • Re-Usable Silicone Place Mat
  • Silverware
  • Individually packed snacks- ( sometimes it takes more time to sit, order or get your food than you planned for snacks are a MUST and absolute lifesaver, you can pack a snack-cup, but I like to keep some in the bag just to cover my bases)

Toys to Include…

The items listed above have been London’s favorite. Every kid is going to be a little bit different, so if there is something your child gravitates towards or is a novelty that you don’t want them to play with all the time, throw it in your bag. It’s important to keep the toys and the bag out of sight until you’re ready to use it. At one point I kept the bag in our diaper bag and London pulled it out all the time and then the items lost the hype when I really needed them to occupy her.

I hope this helps you feel confident the next time you head out to eat with your babe in tow! We’ve literally never felt the need to give London a device when eating out with our bag in tow. Let me know what your little loves and what you take with you everytime!



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