Gift Ideas for Toddler

We have quite a few birthdays coming up and I used to get SO stressed out buying gifts for other people’s children! Our household is pretty simplistic, London doesn’t have many toys. She’s encouraged to be creative with what we have and spend time outdoors.

With that mindset it can be tricky to buy for other kids, especially because everyone has different values. I don’t want to give something that I wouldn’t want in my house, yet I want to make sure the gift is appreciated too. This creates a bit of a dilemma.


I haven’t met a family that didn’t enjoy doing some type of art or craft with their kids. Even just coloring with crayons on paper. Plus, having an extra set of crayons or paint can never hurt. I mean, I always run out at the worse time. Back ups are good!

Below is a list of some of our favorite art supplies! They are easy to use, minimal mess and not super mainstream. I feel like the novelty of the item helps make it extra special for the Birthday Boy/Girl.

Our Favorite Art Supplies.

If you haven’t checked out Ooly Art Supplies, you’ll LOVE THEM! They have so many options, beautiful colors, the textures are super yummy! These are the only art supplies that London actually requests to use. I especially love the Chunkies Paint Sticks. They are really easy to use and cause very little mess.

Liquid Watercolors are a great way to start painting with you toddler as well. They are super forgiving on paper and wash out easily from clothes. I posted a quick DIY on the blog, but Colorations has the most vivid colors!

Our staples for all art projects are a nice heavy weight watercolor paper. This can hold up to most of the goop and globs from toddler painting. Paint Brushes can be tricky too, the ones posted above hold up so well!

These are our favorites. Truth is, whatever you and your toddler loves, chances are your friends will love them too. Don’t over think it and make sure to include a gift receipt!

Happy Celebrating!


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