We’re Going for a Hike

May’s newsletter was all about getting outside and I wanted to share here one of my FAVORITE resources to help us get outside and make the most of our day.

Last spring was my first season staying home full time and by summer I was itching to get out of the house. London was about 18 months and we were still adjusting to living on one income. New to being a SAHM and a non existent budget, we spent a lot of time outside and started hiking.

At that point London still didn’t mind being in her Baby Bjorn and observing, so I was able to get in some decent miles. These days it’s a bit different. London is much more independent and likes to walk and explore. The tool that I use literally every time I go out is the AllTrails App. It’s a game changer!

The AllTrails App shows you trails based on proximity or you can search different locations. Last month a friend and I took a day trip with London down to Arkansas and this was amazing! Each Trail has pictures, reviews and ratings all shared by other users. From my experience the pictures and reviews have been appropriate and helpful.

Getting out and hiking with young children can be intimidating, but this app makes it so much easier! This post isn’t sponsored, the app made a huge different in my comfort level when we were first getting started. If you are wanting to have some micro-adventures with your littles I highly encourage you to download the app and start exploring. Print off the Nature Bingo from the May Newsletter and go find a trail! You guys will have so much fun!

Happy Hiking,


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