5 Ways to Play- Shaving Cream

At the beginning of the year my mom and I took a road trip to visit my Aunt and her family in Ann Arbor, MI. As a teacher at a Waldorf elementary school, my aunt is full of knowledge. From her experience as parent and educator she has a different perspective and I love being able to talk with her.

We went for a walk one afternoon and I was sharing with her some of the activities that London and I do at home (she doesn’t participate in social media). I found it really interesting that she made a comment regarding sensory issues for children is a big deal at her school. The slimy, ooey gooey, squishy, wet stuff. The more we can do at home before they get to school the better.

This got me thinking. I had already attempted a shaving cream activity with London and she did not like the way it felt and immediately asked to wash her hands. So we tried again, a different activity and this is where our list begins.

1. Shaving Cream Paint

After my failed attempt with shaving cream potions I decided to try shaving cream for painting the shower. The goal here was to still let her explore and play with shaving cream, but she could easily clean her hands if she was feeling uncomfortable. Best part, It’s SO EASY!!

Grab a muffin tin, paint brushes optional, shaving cream and food coloring (or liquid water color). Fill the muffin tin with shaving cream mix in the color and let your kid go to town. It’s so fun and such an easy way to let them get super messy without spending a ton of time cleaning up.

3. Fluffy Slime

Oh the joy of slime. So many options! So much fun! I posted about our first attempt of slime not too long ago. I use Shaving Cream, Elmers Clear Glue, Up&Up Contact Solution, & Baking Soda. The more I make the slime the more important I realize the mixing part is. Make sure to knead this fluffy slime with your hand. It start off really sticky, but once it’s well kneaded you are good to go. Don’t add more contact solution!

5. Potions

2. Marbled Artwork

I may have enjoyed this one more than London, but I promise she like it too. You’ll need a shallow dish (I used a cookie sheet), Shaving Cream, Toothpick/knife (for swirling), food coloring or liquid water colors, heavy sheets of paper & a piece of cardboard.

  • Fill your shallow dish with shaving cream, you may have to spread the shaving cream with a knife or spoon.
  • Add dots of color and swirl with a toothpick or knife. London really liked the swirling.
  • Once you feel like your colors are good and marbled gently lay a piece of paper on top. Press down lightly so your entire paper has some shaving cream on it.
  • Grab you paper at the corners and peel away from shaving cream.
  • Some of the shaving cream will stick so you want to scrape the extra off with your cardboard scrap.
  • Re-swirl your shaving cream & Repeat!

These turn out SO PRETTY! I love them.

4. Water Bead Sensory Bin

This is pretty much self explanatory. The combo of water beads and shaving cream is sensory beauty. Grab your sensory bin, fill it with shaving cream and top it off with some water beads. If you don’t have water beads you can really use any item to shaving cream it will be fun to dig and swim through

Now, this is where I started with London and it didn’t go well the first time, but she got used to the texture of shaving cream & now she’s a mad scientist.

Grab a few different bowl, pitchers and spoons (whatever you have handy) and fill them up separately with shaving cream, water, glitter or SPRINKLES for an eco friendly twist, food coloring if you so choose and you’re good to go.

Sometimes simple is best and potions are simply the best! London loves stirring, pouring, scooping, you name it. It’s her own little kitchen creation and she is so proud when she’s done. There are a million different ways you could do this but the base is really key. Shaving Cream.

I hope that this inspires you to get messy and creative with Shaving Cream. These are great activities for rainy days inside or messy outside play. What are you favorite sensory activities? Is there something your kid loves & just keeps going back to?

Happy Playing!


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