What’s happening in June

It’s June 1st and in my mind summer has officially started! I have so many things I want to do with the girls this summer. We have a few lessons and camps scheduled for the older girls, but otherwise we are pretty open. I’ve started making a list of all things I want to do in the month of June. We have been spending a lot of time out and about and I’m so happy that the sun is out and the temps are warming up!

These are local Kansas City Summer activities, but there are a few ideas at the bottom that could be good for any city or town. Farmers Markets and Library Story times are always a good time, no matter where you live.

Grab Your Calendar

+The Shipwreck Show by Paul Mesner Puppet Theatre, Playing June 11th-June 30th at Crown Center. We have been to a few of the puppet shows by Paul Mesner and London has really enjoyed them. They costs a bit more than I normally spend on our field trips, but it’s worth it for us to expose London to different forms of art and theatre.

+Beanstalk Children’s Garden by Kansas City Community Garden. This sweet children’s garden is located close to the Zoo. You can take a self-guided tour for free and it’s open M-F 9-5 & Saturdays 9-12. We went in the Fall and I’ve been patiently waiting to return. You can touch and taste quite a few of the plants and there are guided tours for $2 as well.

+Juneteenth Celebration at Nelson Atkins Museum on June 8th Nelson Atkins Museum is hosting a free festival celebrating the end of slavery in the United States. We have attended previous festivals at Nelson Atkins Museum and there really is something for the whole family. There will be a drop in story time from 1-4p. They have live music, artist

+The Berry Patch in Cleveland, MO opens June 15th! It’s our favorite berry patch. We went quite a few times last summer and London loved picking and tasting testing the berries. When I was pregnant with London I ate these blueberries by the pound. Anyways, this place holds a special place in my heart. They are open Tuesday-Friday 7a-9p and Saturday 7a-3pm. Before London we would go in the evenings with the girls after dinner and it was such a beautiful way to end the day. I’m hoping that London is getting old enough we can delay bedtime and bit and start going later.

Weekly Happenings

+Overland Park Farmers Market– Wednesday and Saturdays. This is my all time favorite Famers Market. I have committed to trying out more farmers markets this year. That being said, the OP Farmers Market has local vendors, live music, a tiny little splash pad. My favorite feature is that the vendors have green flags if they are 100% home grown from the farmer.

+Library Story Times- Every year the American Library Association chooses the theme for the Collaborative Summer Library Program and this year it is A Universe of Stories. This makes my theme-loving-heart so happy! The Kansas City Public Library, Johnson Country Public Library, Mid-Continent Public Library & the Lawrence Public Library all have story times and events based off of the same theme. I love the consistency this provides the children. There is a belief that it maintains an excitement and higher level of interest when you are consistent for a certain period of time. All the major public libraries in the area are linked above. Hopefully you can find some options for story times and events that fit your family mix. There isn’t always a huge offering for 3 & under so search around and fine what’s best for you.

I hope this helps you and your family get out a bit more over the summer. We live in a rural area that has very little diversity. Our Pastor actually told us that his two daughters said they would never move to Johnson County, KS because of Johnson County Beige. And I was nodding my head, YES!

For me it’s incredibly important that London is exposed to as much diversity and arts as possible. We like to explore all around the area. Maybe that’s not right for your family, or you live in a fairly diverse area already. I hope that this list still helps your family explore your own neighborhood and community a bit more.

Happy Exploring,


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