Sensory Play Starter Kit

Hi everyone! I’m back! It’s been a crazy summer and while I was not planning on taking the month off, that’s just how things worked out. Now that we are headed into Back To School mode and it’s going to start getting cooler, I thought this would be a good time to talk about sensory play.

I talk quite a bit about different sensory activities and if you subscribe to my newsletter than I give you at least one themed sensory idea every month. They are a staple at my house and an easy go-to if I need to get something done and London needs entertaining.

In the beginning I found that the simpler the better. All London really wanted to do was scoop and pour or play hide and seek with small objects. Below is a quick and easy guide for a sensory bin starter kit & other sensory staples.

$10 Sensory Starter Kit

Dried Beans or Rice- We started with black beans, but any dried bean or rice would do. The dried ingredients all for your kids to tap into the sense of hearing as well as touch, which is fun!

Containers- Check out Target’s Bullseye Section and they have some nice sized colored bins. If you missed it, then you could always grab a storage bin or even use old tupperware or big salad bowls. You really don’t have to spend money on this if you don’t want to.

Pom-Poms/Erasers- Really just anything small enough to be covered by the beans/rice. You can find these in the Bullseye Section at target or seasonally at the Dollar Store. Over the Winter I had some Christmas themed erasers and London loved searching for the Santa face eraser.

Scoops- measuring cups and spoons are the best options here. Go to the dollar store so you can have your own designated set for sensory play. They handles are easy for tiny hands and make great scoops, but you can also use them for concocting outside the sensory bin.

Baking Soda- So many great ways to play with Baking Soda. Maybe that should be my next ‘5 Ways to Play’! Easy and affordable ‘snow’ for winter sensory bins. Baking Soda & Vinegar is always so exciting for kids no matter how many times you do it. The gritty texture is fun to freeze or make into a dough. Lots of things to do. Will definitely make another post elaborating on Baking Soda.

White Vinegar- If you want to make anything fizz or have extra vibrant colors when using food coloring to dye pasta or rice for sensory bin filler.

Cornstarch– ooblek! Cornstarch and Water is hand down the best concoction for play. It’s hard to resist poking a finger into a bowl of ooblek! We have played rescue or washing quite a few different ways. Turn ooblek into mud (add food coloring) and rescue dinosaurs, cars, animals. Add blue to your ooblek and create a sticky ocean for underwater creatures.

These are 7 items that you can find at the dollar store (if you don’t already have them in your home!) and be set for sensory play. The more sensory activities you do, the more versatile you’ll find the items listed above. I have these items on hand at all times. This is a great way to play with your kids and this list makes it super easy to play and get some screen free time on a budget.

Hope you all are soaking up the last bit of summer before school starts! I’m kind of freaking out. Need to attack back to school shopping and tackle our calendar. Any fun activities you are trying to fit in before school starts!?



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