Day Trip- Dogwood Canyon Nature Center

Last week London and I were able to go on a long day trip to Dogwood Canyon Nature Center with one of our dear friends, Aunt Amber and her pup Ruger. This trek was a bit long for our normal day outings, but it was beautiful and there was so much to do! The nature center is located in Lampe, MO, which is down in the Table Rock Lake area. This would be a perfect long weekend, family vacation area. It’s about 3-4 hours away from Kansas City, depending on which part and where you are headed.

The first thing you notice when you walk up to the visitor center is the beautiful Dogwood Canyon Mill. We were not able to go inside because we had a pup with us, but London and I did run inside to use the restroom… imagine a lot of wood and beautiful windows. There was a restaurant with a stone patio overlooking the creek and waterfall.

Our favorite part of the nature center was all the waterfalls and spill ways along the path. There is a paved path that leads you through the park and it follows Dogwood Creek, Criss-crossing over the water. You share the path with bikes and segways that they have available to rent on site. We saw so many different types of fish and even a snake in the water as we peered over bridges and into the water.

The guided path continues to lead you to a few unpaved hiking paths along with caves, pools, springs and a few other fun spots to stop along your hike. At the end of the trail there is a wildlife area that features bison, elk and long horn cattle. The wildlife area is only available via tram and does cost extra. We did not make it this far because London did not nap the whole way down and we needed to head back to Kansas City, but definitely looking forward to doing this next time we are in the area.

We had such a great experience at Dogwood Canyon Nature Center. If you are ever in the Table Rock area you should make a stop. London and I had a lot of fun, despite not napping and we were and we are looking forward to coming back with the whole family! Do you have any favorite day trip stops?? Would anyone ever want to join London and I on an adventure?



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