Art Cards

A few days ago London and I made Art Cards. I’ve seen a couple different examples of this on Instagram with @RaisingKinley and in Meri Cherry’s process art book, Play, Make, Create. The examples shown are usually made as trading cards. When I was brainstorming Acts of Kindness for the November 2019 Newsletter the art card idea came back to me.

We used water color paper and cut 9 equal sized rectangles, approximately 2.5in x 3.5 in. You could use any art supplies that your little artist is into right now. London chose Do-A-Dots Markers and Ooly’s Chunkie Paint Sticks. As we were doing our art cards I thought stickers or Washi tape would be a lot of fun to use next time.

Once we were done creating the Art Cards and they had time to dry, I wrote positive messages on the back. London helped a little by telling me nice things to say. Some of her ideas were very helpful, others not so much. She is only three after all!

Then we were off to the library to hide our happy little art cards in books throughout the library. We regularly visit the library so this was an obvious choice for us to share the cards, but I thought that using tape and putting them around the grocery store could be fun for kids or at any store really. An outdoor shopping center, or downtown area would be another great place to share your art cards.

These were super simple and a great process art activity for kids of any age. Being able to share the cards was just icing on the cake. I hope that whoever finds our art cards enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Does your family have any acts of kindness or gratitude traditions for the Thanksgiving season? I would love to hear what you all do to experience the importance of gratitude as a family. We have a few more ideas up our sleeve for the month of November and would love to add one of your traditions into the mix!



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