5 Ways to Play- Water Beads

Water beads don’t need much to make them fun. Just add water and let them soak over night and your little ones will be happily entertained. They are slippery, bouncy, squishy, all without sticking to kids hands and getting super messy. My favorite part is that when you are done playing, you can let them dry out and reuse them! They literally last FOREVER! I thought it’d be fun to share a few ideas to stretch the fun with water beads and let the play keep going. Below are 5 ways to play with Water Beads.

1.Sensory Filler- This is one is pretty straight forward. Follow the directions on your water bead pack to let them soak and grow. You could easily just throw some water beads in your sensory bin with a spoon and some bowls and your kiddo will be happy. We have the multi-colored pack, but you can buy a mix of blues and add them to your Ocean or ‘Under Water’ bins with some extra water.

2.Frozen Water Beads- You will need a funnel and a few balloons for this activity. Follow the directions to allow your water beads to soak and grow. for this activity you want to keep the beads small enough to fit into a balloon. Fill your balloon first with water beads and then top off with water using your funnel. Tie off the end and throw the balloons in the freezer. Once the balloons are frozen throw them in your sensory bin with some water and let your little break the ice apart and play with the frozen beads.

3. Baby Sensory Bag- For little ones just getting introduced to sensory activities you can add water beads to a Gallon Sized Zip Lock bag. Use painters tape and secure the bag to a table or floor and let your baby push and move the beads around. The bag of beads will last for a few days.

4.Waterbead Slime- You want to start by making plain slime with clear glue (find directions here). Then simply add water beads. The water and consistency of the bead with make the slime a bit stickier, so be prepared to add one or two extra squirts of contact solution in there to counteract the mess. If slime gets on your clothes you need to soak the clothes in white vinegar before washing. It can ruin clothes if you don’t remove before washing and drying.

5. Color Sorting- As London continues to grow we are adapting some of our usual play to involve color sorting. Water beads are easy to sort by color and also promotes fine motor skills. I like to set out bowl that match the colors of whatever we are sorting. Especially starting out, I believe it boosts confidence and is good for kids to group similar things, and not be forced to know the names of all the colors. They can learn the name as the recognize the different colors and working on the matching.

These are some of our very favorite ways to play with our water beads. I try not to break out the water beads all that often to keep up the excitement, but they are SO EASY! Hopefully this 5 Ways to Play helps you switch up your Water Bead routine and keep things exciting!



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