5 Ways to Play- Dish Soap

I discovered the magic of dish soap late in the game… like 6 months ago! Way too late to start playing with this little wonder of an ingredient. Dish Soap is a great tradition to some basic toddler/preschool activities. It just makes everything more bubbly! Below are a few ways to incorporate dish soap in to your current game book and a few new additions as well!

1. Fizzy Volcano- Adding Dish Soap to Baking Soda and Vinegar makes your eruptions extra bubbly and fizzy. Just add a drop of dish soap into your container with baking soda and food coloring before adding the vinegar. No need to mix, just add the vinegar and the chemical reaction will do the mixing for you! This is super simple and just elevates the reaction a bit!

2. Magic Milk- Okay, so I’ve been seeing this pop up for a while now and we FINALLY tried it! This ones fun! You need a Shallow Dish, Whole Milk, Food Coloring, Q-Tips and dish soap. Pour your milk into your shallow dish (we used a pie pan). Add random dots of food coloring to the milk. Next, dip your q-tip into the dish soap. Once your q-tip is saturated with dish soap place the q-tip into the colored spots of milk. Let me know what your littles think about this! London could not get enough!

3. Soap Dough- As with most doughs there is not an exact science to this one. You will start off with 2tbsp of cornstarch, and 1tbsp of dish soap in a bowl. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients well, the mixture may appear crumbly, if you squeeze it with your hand and it falls apart add a bit more soap. If the consistency is runny you’ll add a bit more corn starch. The cornstarch makes the dough super silky and smooth, it acts a lot like a putty. Also, note to self, make this one ahead of time! If your toddler reaches in before you are ready, things could get a bit messy!! Learned from experience!

4. Wash Station- This is so simple! It’s literally exactly what it sounds like. You will need two different containers once to get the toy dirty, and a second full of dish soap and water to clean them off. We’ve done this with dinosaurs and mud play dishes, all sorts of things. Kids learn through imitation and love water. Letting them ‘clean’ is a win for you and your little.

5. Soap Foam- This is another genius idea from the book 150+ Screen Activities for Kids. Everyone seriously needs this book. You need, 1/4c. Water, 2 tbsp dish soap, food coloring and a hand mixer. Mix all the ingredients into a a bowl. Use the hand mixer on high for about 1-2minutes until you start to get stiff peaks, continue to mix and until the peaks form. You can do separate bowls and multiple colors to jazz this one up too. It’s SO MUCH FUN! I’ve been digging through all my photo archives and can’t find a picture! I know I’ve shared this before on instagram. I’ll keep digging and see what I can find, or maybe we’ll just have to recreate and play with this one again!

Welp, that’s this weeks addition of 5 Ways to Play. I hope you enjoy and are able to whip up a bit of fun with this week’s ingredient, Dish Soap! See you all next week!



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