5 Ways to Play- Gelatin

Have you guys every used Gelatin for your sensory play?? Gelatin was actually one of the first sensory activities that we did with London because I didn’t have to worry about her swallowing anything! Below are 5 squishy, fun activities to do at home!

1.Gelatin Seek and Find– This was one of the very first sensory activities we did with London. It’s very simple. Follow the package directions to make your gelatin. If you want the gelatin colored, add coloring to the water before adding the gelatin. Once the gelatin has dissolved you can pour the mixture into a a container of your choosing. I have used bowls, tuperware, ice cube trays and muffin tins, it all just depends on what your end goal is. Make sure that the sides of the container are oiled before pouring the mixture in so you can remove the jello easily. Let the gelatin set for a few minutes before adding your objects, this way they don’t all float to the bottom. Once you have added your find-ables throw the gelatin into the fridge and let set, could take anywhere from a couple hours to over night. Then you are ready to let your littles loose. They will love digging through the jello to find the hidden treasures!

2.Fizzy Gelatin– This one is exciting! Follow the directions on the box to make the gelatin, except before you add the gelatin add 3/4c of baking soda to the cool water. Pour the gelatin mixture into greased muffin tins. Let cool in the refrigerator until set. Then pop the gelatin out of the muffin and turn upside down. Pour some white vinegar over top the gelatin disc and prepare to be amazed! Let your kids dig into this fun, unique sensory experience.

3.Gelatin Injection– Okay, so this starts out very similarly to the two activities above. You are going to make a box of gelatin, but you aren’t going to add color until the gelatin has been refrigerated and set. At that point grab some liquid water colors and eye droppers. Your littles will have so much fun filling the eye dropper with color and then injecting the color into the clear jello. It makes some crazy veins and you can look at mixing colors if you inject different colors in the same area.

4.Jello Paint- This is super simple and requires actual jello vs. gelatin. Place a third of the jello packet into a small container with 1/4tsp of water. You may need to add a bit more water, but the more water you mix, the more diluted the color will be. Use a craft stick to mix the water and jello until you’ve removed all the clumps. Voila. You are ready to paint. This one does get a bit sticky, so make sure to protect your tabletops and have wipes or a wet wash cloth available for after!

5.Jello Playdough- This dough is pure magic! Mix all the ingredients below together and cook on the stove over low heat. You will want to stir frequently and make sure not to over-cook the dough. It will take anywhere from 5-10minutes. I recommend either nap time or making this the night before when your kids are already sleeping. Once the dough starts to gather together into a ball and isn’t sticky to the touch take the pot off the heat. Allow it too cool and then knead the dough. This dough is one of our new faves. It doesn’t dry out, super squishy! I think you all will love it!

  • 1c Flour
  • 1c Water
  • 2 tbsp Oil
  • 1 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 1 package of Jello

I hope this post has inspired some creative play! House of Loo hit hard this month with a 5 Ways to Play post each week. Starting in February we will go down to once a month, allowing for a variety of posts and more detailed projects in the future! Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on everything House of Loo is up to!



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