Spring is Right Around the Corner!

I love Fall, but after a long year at home I must say I do believe Spring is my favorite season. I’ve started so many posts over the course of this year, each time hoping that I’d feel more like myself and that I wasn’t forcing myself to share. It just never felt authentic so, I apologize for the radio silence over here. Now that the sun is shining and the days are getting longer I see light! Literally! Hopefully sharing will come more natural and we will be seeing more of each other.

If you follow us on instagram, last week I shared a story showing me and London planting some seeds inside. I’m happy to say we have some sprouts and we have planted even more! So far we have three different kinds of tomatoes, two types of peppers, two types of cucumbers and some peas all growing in our office. We still have all our flowers to sow which I’m hoping to get done later today.

Cucumber seeds sprouted after only a few days. They like moist soil and are super easy to start inside and do well in containers. Just make sure you have a trellis for them to climb!

I’ve done this for a few years now and I love planting seeds with London (now 4) for so many reasons. There are lots of good developmental activities associated with gardening. Just from starting seeds we have done many.

Getting started scooping dirt and opening seed envelopes
  • Fine Motor
    • scooping dirt and filling seed trays
    • picking up seeds and placing them in holes
    • placing markers in proper seed tray
    • using scissors to open seed envelopes
  • Gross Motor/Crossing Midlinepouring water over seeds
    • placing seeds in seed tray
    • moving filled trays to sunlight
  • Math
    • counting seeds
    • counting number of markers
  • Science
    • watching plants grow
    • Understanding what seeds need to grow- dirt, sun, moisture

That’s a lot! And most of these things even young toddlers can help you with. My favorite part about starting seeds is the patience it teaches, responsibility it takes to care of the seeds and the excitement once they see their hard work pay off. Most importantly, It’s just plain fun! I love seeing what all we can learn without really trying.

Are you all ready for spring? What are you most looking forward to? Would you be interested in hearing more about our garden adventure?

Talk soon,


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