Doily Heart Valentine’s

Valentines day is just around the corner and if you are still needing some inspiration for home made valentines, or just a holiday themed project, I’ve got you! We actually did this cute little art project last year, inspired by Cara and Kinley over @RaisingKinley on Instagram. We switched it up a bit this yearContinue reading “Doily Heart Valentine’s”

5 Ways to Play- Shaving Cream

At the beginning of the year my mom and I took a road trip to visit my Aunt and her family in Ann Arbor, MI. As a teacher at a Waldorf elementary school, my aunt is full of knowledge. From her experience as parent and educator she has a different perspective and I love beingContinue reading “5 Ways to Play- Shaving Cream”

DIY Liquid Watercolors

I follow quite a few homeschoolers and art teachers on Instagram for inspiration and everyone RAVES about liquid watercolors. There is one brand in particular that has been referenced multiple times, but I just haven’t been able to take the plunge. Two reasons for this. 1) I’m on a budget and they are a littleContinue reading “DIY Liquid Watercolors”