Symmetry Hearts

So my plan for this week was to do pipe cleaner hearts, but it just wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. So I scrambled and I could not be happier with what London and I did instead. These Symmetry hearts turned out pretty darn cute and they were simple enough that London was ableContinue reading “Symmetry Hearts”

Happy May Day!

Can you believe that April is over and we are officially into May. Here in the midwest we only have 4 weeks of school left! GULP! Due to the long, dark, dreary winter I am particularly excited for May Day this year. This will be our first year celebrating at home, but I have fondContinue reading “Happy May Day!”

Egg Carton Flowers

Are you all starting to think about Easter?! Too soon? Well, Easter is a favorite over here at House of Loo, so I’ve been thinking and scheming for a while now. Dyeing Easter eggs is a treasured family tradition and I thought it’d be fun this year to include the egg cartons as well. LondonContinue reading “Egg Carton Flowers”