5 Ways to Play- Lemons

It is summer time here in Kansas City and nothing really beats an ice cold glass of lemonade on the porch. Grab yourself a couple bags of lemons next time you are at the grocery store because I rounded up some pretty fun activities for you and your family to do! 1.Lemon Stamping This isContinue reading “5 Ways to Play- Lemons”

Washing Sensory Play

I have fond memories of growing up and ‘helping’ my mom hand wash the dishes. Now, this is one of London’s favorite activities as well. If I’m busy working on dinner and Marshall isn’t home yet, I fill up the sink with some bubbles and warm water and let her play to her hearts content.Continue reading “Washing Sensory Play”

5 Ways to Play- Shaving Cream

At the beginning of the year my mom and I took a road trip to visit my Aunt and her family in Ann Arbor, MI. As a teacher at a Waldorf elementary school, my aunt is full of knowledge. From her experience as parent and educator she has a different perspective and I love beingContinue reading “5 Ways to Play- Shaving Cream”