Gift Ideas for Toddler

We have quite a few birthdays coming up and I used to get SO stressed out buying gifts for other people’s children! Our household is pretty simplistic, London doesn’t have many toys. She’s encouraged to be creative with what we have and spend time outdoors. With that mindset it can be tricky to buy forContinue reading “Gift Ideas for Toddler”

Egg Carton Flowers

Are you all starting to think about Easter?! Too soon? Well, Easter is a favorite over here at House of Loo, so I’ve been thinking and scheming for a while now. Dyeing Easter eggs is a treasured family tradition and I thought it’d be fun this year to include the egg cartons as well. LondonContinue reading “Egg Carton Flowers”

DIY Liquid Watercolors

I follow quite a few homeschoolers and art teachers on Instagram for inspiration and everyone RAVES about liquid watercolors. There is one brand in particular that has been referenced multiple times, but I just haven’t been able to take the plunge. Two reasons for this. 1) I’m on a budget and they are a littleContinue reading “DIY Liquid Watercolors”