Day Trip- Dogwood Canyon Nature Center

Last week London and I were able to go on a long day trip to Dogwood Canyon Nature Center with one of our dear friends, Aunt Amber and her pup Ruger. This trek was a bit long for our normal day outings, but it was beautiful and there was so much to do! The natureContinue reading “Day Trip- Dogwood Canyon Nature Center”

Looking Forward to Fall

We just had our first day of Parent/Toddler class and I officially feel like we are getting into the groove of Fall. I’ve been thinking through our weekly and daily rhythm and starting to get a feel for how our week will go. Once it’s all ironed out then I will share that for you,Continue reading “Looking Forward to Fall”

Washing Sensory Play

I have fond memories of growing up and ‘helping’ my mom hand wash the dishes. Now, this is one of London’s favorite activities as well. If I’m busy working on dinner and Marshall isn’t home yet, I fill up the sink with some bubbles and warm water and let her play to her hearts content.Continue reading “Washing Sensory Play”