Out to Eat with a Toddler

During the month of April our parent toddler class has been talking about screen time and media. One of the items that keeps getting brought up is how you see an increasing number of kids in restaurants on some type of device. As strange as it sounds, this was one of the very first subjectsContinue reading “Out to Eat with a Toddler”

DIY Liquid Watercolors

I follow quite a few homeschoolers and art teachers on Instagram for inspiration and everyone RAVES about liquid watercolors. There is one brand in particular that has been referenced multiple times, but I just haven’t been able to take the plunge. Two reasons for this. 1) I’m on a budget and they are a littleContinue reading “DIY Liquid Watercolors”

Spring is here!

We came home from vacation to warmer weather and sunshine peaking through the clouds. After this long and dreary winter it was so nice to be welcomed back with bright blue skies and sunlight beaming down on us. As the days are growing longer and the weather is warming up I am reevaluating our dailyContinue reading “Spring is here!”